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Video Art in Canada: Four Worlds

by Peggy Gale

Studio International, May 1976, v. 191, no. 981, pp. 224-229

Peggy Gale provides an overview of four Canadian cities video activity: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax, which are autonomous yet related and nearly simultaneous (1971) video movements. Gale highlights the spaces and particular artists who are active in the city at the time, and discusses these artists works in detail. In Vancouver the emphasis is on information, cooperation, open access and general interest, in places like Video Inn and Western Front. Gale goes on to describe some of the more prolific artists working in Vancouver, such as Mr. Peanut, Al Razutis and Don Druick. In Toronto, with A-Space, artists are interested in self-investigation, self-revelation and intimacy. Lisa Steele, Colin Campbell, Bruce Emilson and General Idea are discussed. Contrasting with the personal in Toronto, artists in Montreal, with the space Videographe, are concerned with the dialogue of a broader-based cultural reality. Gale speaks specifically to the success of Videographe and it's expanding facility and audience, as well as its democratic approach to producing documentaries, fictional and experimental film and video. In Halifax, closely related to the NYC influx of guest artists and professors at NSCAD, video art thrives as a creative medium. David Askevold is discussed in detail. Gale acknowledges that four cities is not entirely representative of Canadian video, and recognizes work done in Alberta, London, Guelph and many other areas on Canada.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

My Five Years in a NutshellMr. Peanut

1974 Civic Election in VancouverMr. Peanut

(A )E ONEDon Druick

WaveformAl Razutis

A Very personal StoryLisa Steele

Internal PornographyLisa Steele

Birthday Suit - With Scars and DefectsLisa Steele

Real SplitColin Campbell

JanusColin Campbell

HindsightColin Campbell

Going Thru the MotionsGeneral Idea

Light OnGeneral Idea

Double Mirror VideoGeneral Idea

The Murdered Rancher and the Fifteen Million Dollar Insurance PolicyDavid Askevold

Green Willow for DelawareDavid Askevold

SynapsesDavid Askevold