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Mooswa, Muskwa, PuskwaMoostoos - Digital Creations with Immemorial Relations: An exhibition of works by Jude Norris

by Tannis Nielsen

Hamilton Artists Inc., Mar. 6, 2010

"Mooswa, Muskwa, PuskwaMoostoos - Digital Creations with Immemorial Relations" is an essay found in the exhibition programme of Jude Norris' exhibition of the same name. Norris works with aboriginal iconography in mixed media and video as she tells us of her story of colonial memory to (re)engage a postitive, post-colonial dialogue.

Nielsen states, "by sharing our stories in text and audio/ uploading our consciousness into our art forms and also online, we may recognize each other and begin to unify; in soldarity -to honor the diversity amongst our memories."

Note: Page 1 of 2 includes an image of Jude Norris' Highly Populated Antler as well as the last page of this essay.

ITEM 2010.009 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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