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Trinity series sign of where T.O.'s at

by Cameron Bailey

Now, Jan. 14, 1993, v. 12, no. 20, p. 39

This review of the annual Trinity Square Video screening. According to the article, some of the works screened here are seen as an annual index of what Toronto video is becoming.

Ironmind is an intimate view, addressing the ironic and self-reflexive nature of producing personal work. It examines a juxtaposition of a woman and her appliances out of context in a surreal, nightmarish environment. The context becomes lyrical and symbolic, and in so doing, liberates the woman and the household appliances from predictable constructs, and provokes alternate possibilities.

ITEM 1993.004 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

IronmindVid Lake

ReformCharlie Suk

Where Does Mess Come From?Elizabeth Schroder

Got Away In The Dying MomentsDennis Day and Ian Middleton

Voices of Positive WomenDarien Taylor and Michael Balser

Out Of The BlueRichard Fung