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Video Activism and Critical Pedagogy: Sexuality at the End of The Rainbow Curriculum

by Brian Goldfarb

Afterimage, May 1993, v. 20, no. 10, pp. 4-8

Goldfarb spotlights three critical videos produced during a time of intended reform to multicultural curriculum in the New York education system. These videos were produced by organizations within a network situated in- and outside of the margins of school systems, in direct response to conservative opposition against motions to integrate issues of sexual diversity into multicultural curricula. Often reflexive in tone, the videos implement the voice of youth as a source of authority on the affirmation of sexual identity, homophobia, safe sex, stigmatization and the disspelling of cultural sexual signifiers. One video also addresses the quality of "deviance" imposed upon homosexual and/or progressive educators in the school systems. Videos produced by youth in video production workshops ad social service organizations are also highlighted. Goldfarb presents these important works in the context of major events in the historic development of reconstructing multicultural curricula in the New York and Larger American education system (particularly the controversial "Children of the Rainbow Curriculum").

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

It Is What It IsGregg Bordowitz

AIDS, Not UsSandra Elkin

PedagogueStuart Marshall

Blind AlleyRise and Shine

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