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Sex, Lies, and Lawn Grass/Notes for Video Art, 1994, pp. 1-20

Toronto: Art Metropole, 1994

This book contains two essays by Eric Cameron: "Sex, Lies, and Lawn Grass" (1991) and "Notes For Video Art" (1972). The 1991 essay retrospectively describes the relationship between salient ideas from "Notes For Video Art," Cameron's early video work, and his process paintings of the 1970's. In "Notes For Video Art" Cameron asks "What can you do with a television camera?" and outlines multiple project proposals which answer this question. These include attaching a camera to a window and dropping it off the Empire State Building, creating a simulated dog which contains a camera and taking the "dog" for walks, and many more. The essay also contains meditations on modern art and the time-based possibilities of video in comparison to painting.

ISBN: 0-920956-35-1

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