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Body Fluid (1986)

by Keith Wallace and Paul Wong

Video Guide, 1986, v. 8, no. 37/2, pp. 6-7

Keith Wallace reviews Paul Wong's video installation, "Body Fluid," part of "Luminous Sites," a larger exhibition of Canadian video art in Vancouver. This large-scale performance-installation centred around the truck turntable in the Sears Parkade, beneath the Harbour Centre Mall. Wong's installation featured a "cast" of characters representative of the ideals fostered by advertising and media in popular culture. Utilizing the same technologies that bring seductive appeal to mass media consumers through television, Wong presented an extravagent open-ended display of the mechanics of self-image in popular culture for the viewers' reconsumption.

Please refer to item 1986.109 ("As A Wife Has a Cow," exhibition review by Sara Diamond) for printed publication details.

ITEM 1986.111 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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