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by Sally McKay and Harold Alegria Ortiz

The Bank of Symbiosis: An Archaeological Intervention, 1998, pp. 1-31

Toronto: The Symbiosis Collective, 1998

Exhibition catalogue for The Bank of Symbiosis, which took place at an abandoned branch of the Royal Bank, in downtown Toronto in October 1997. The exhibit, intended as a subversive intervention of the corporate sphere, examines the culture of banking and capitalism. Work included Victoria Stanton's ATM Booklet, wherein the artist collected booklets from Royal Bank ATMs, altered them with her own critical content, and replaced them at the bank machines. Another piece, a video by Barbara Greczny, interviews bank tellers and people who are homeless, exploring the relationship between the two and creating a critique of the current banking system. The catalogue contains essays by Sally McKay and Harold Alegria Ortiz.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

ATM BookletVictoria Stanton

Safety Deposit BoxKenneth Hayes

GrowthMichael Alstad

SymphonyMathieu Beauséjour

Excerpts from the Museum of CurrencyBrian Wagner

Body LaunderingPaola Poletto

UntitledJanet Hethrington

Hold UpDara Gellman

Gesture as ValueJerelyn Hanrahan

MachineLeslie Peters

SecurityMartha Eleen

A Candle for the SinnersMaureen Raike


UntitledHarold Alegria Ortiz

You Are Being WatchedBarbara Greczny

Home FreeBarbara Greczny

For Love or MoneyVeronica Verkley

Modern Homes for the Nuclear FamilyJaxon McDade

7 Years Bad LuckRM Vaughan