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by Lynne Sowder and Norman Cohn

Bank: Norman Cohn: A Video Portrait Process, 1989, pp. 1-32

Minneapolis: First Bank System, Division of Visual Arts, 1989

A booklet accompanying an artist's project, created from 1987-1988 by Norman Cohn,and commissioned by the Visual Arts Division of First Bank System. Part of Cohn's ongoing series "institutional portrait processes," this project involved him creating multiple videotapes which portray employees and employee groups from First Bank System. The booklet consists of a timeline showing developments in the company over the course of the project, alongside descriptions of Cohn's videotapes from those times, and commentary about the tapes. In curatorial statements both the curator and the artist note that this project focused on process and collaboration rather than finished product.

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Bank: A Video Portrait ProcessNorman Cohn