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Crossroads, 1999, pp. 1-16

Halifax: The Centre for Art Tapes, 1999

This is the exhibition catalogue for Crossroads, which took place at Halifax's Centre for Art Tapes in 1999. The programmers wished to focus on installations with a media component, by local artists. They entitled the exhibit, as well as their entire year of proramming, "Crossroads" in part as a nod to their place at the turn of the century (the exhibit took place in 1999), and in part to address the idea of making a decision in a crisis situation and the public/private tension that can ensue. The work presented touches on these themes. Artists included The Skin Collective, Alex Grünenfelder, Tonia Di Risio, Gabriel Doucet Donida, David Clark, and Marcia Connolly. A written artist's statement is included for each piece exhibited.

ITEM RFL.075 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Untitled PerformanceThe Skin Collective

Imagined CommunitiesAlex Grunenfelder

AmenTonia Di Risio

Cross GendersGabriel Doucet Donida

The Chance EncounterDavid Clark

Yours Till Niagara Truly FallsMarcia Connolly