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In the Orbit of Nelson Henricks

by Robert Milthorp

Expanded Standard Timeline: Artists and Electronic Media in Calgary, EMMEDIA 1980 Through 2005, 2009, pp. 52-69

Calgary, Alberta: EMMEDIA, 2009

ISSN 978-0-9737962-6-1

This essay is based on a conversaton between the author and video artists/curator Nelson Henricks. Their discussion refers to the work of Henricks, ranging from his curatorial practice and involvement with other video artists to his own artistic practice. Henricks shares his personal experiences of EMMEDIA since 1986, alongside the founding history of the organization.

"The works of Nelson Henricks play in the space between the grand narratives and the 'felt' measure of who we are, between urban utopian expectations and everyday experience. They explore the collision of intention and action, and the reciprocity between self and the world." (p. 68)

ITEM 2009.080 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The White Studio Tapes (1987)Nelson Henricks

Muderer's Song (1991)Nelson Henricks

Planetarium (2001)Nelson Henricks

Satellite (2004)Nelson Henricks

Camera Obscura (1988)Nelson Henricks

Camera Obscura (1988)Colleen Kerr

Legend (1988)Nelson Henricks

Crush (1997)Nelson Henricks

Emission (1994)Nelson Henricks