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Abundant Harvest: The Recordings of Calgary Video Artists and Independents from the EMMEDIA collection 1980-1995

by Karen Knights

Expanded Standard Timeline: Artists and Electronic Media in Calgary, EMMEDIA 1980 Through 2005, 2009, pp. 118-143

Calgary, Alberta: EMMEDIA, 2009

Karen Knights provides a brief survey on a selection of original single channel video works that are either EM or Centre Art Video productions.

Within this group of videos, Knights describes artworks related to urban development of Alberta, West Coast frontier mythology, formal investigations of video art as a language, feminist and women's issues in the West Coast, and the crisis and politics surrounding the identities of aboriginal people, gender roles, as well as other cultural communities. She also mentions projects such as the Camera Obscura series by Nelson Henricks and Colleen Kerr, which is a series of cable television programs featuring video art screenings and artist interviews. Knights also refers to the following generation of video artists, providing their sources of inspiration, intentions and political issues to compare with those from the early West Coast video artists.

ITEM 2009.081 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Camera ObscuraColleen Kerr

Camera ObscuraNelson Henricks

Raven (1995)Kenneth Doren

Someone Knew It Was Really Happening (199)Shauna Kennedy

Grunge (1992)Tim Andruik

Interrupted Attempt (1986)Grant Poier

Working Text (1988)Grant Poier

Murderer's Song (1991)Nelson Henricks

Ground Zero II (1983-84)Kyle Wagner

Ground Zero II (1983-84)Ryan Wagner

Ground Zero II (1983-84)Don Stein

The Dreams of Night Cleaners (1995)Leila Sujir

Teabell Tolls (1988)Colleen Kerr

In the Age of Latex Sex (1991)Judy Cheung

West (1989)Celine Godberson

Legend (1988)Nelson Henricks

Site Unseen (1988)Brian Rusted

The Land of Milk and Honey (and other stories) (1985)Vern Hume

Buck (1986)Vern Hume

Buck (1986)Leila Sujir