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LIFE LIKE IT: Some Halifax Video

by Cathy Quinn

Video Guide, Sept. 1986, v. 8, no. 38, pp. 10-12

"LIFE LIKE IT: Some Halifax Video is the first touring package of independently produced videotapes to orignate from Halifax."

The video package orignated during a time when Halifax lacked a cohesive video community. Cathy Quinn briefly outlines other conditions leading to the development of this touring package, as well as possibilites it offers video producers. Work by Dean Brousseau, Melodie Calvery/Nancy Davis/Caroline Murray-Crick, Han Peacock, Popular Projects, and Mark Verabioff are dicussed.

ITEM 1986.131 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited


KatieDean Brousseau

Survival: Still the IssueMelodie Calvert

Survival: Still the IssueNancy Davis

Survival: Still the IssueCaroline Murray-Crick

Wallace + TheresaJan Peacock

Commercial CulturePopular Projects

Crossing the 49thMark Verabioff

Mothers' DaysDean Brousseau