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High Tech in Lower Manhattan

by Claudia Blaine

Video Guide, 1982, v. 4, no. 20, p. 5

Claudia Blaine reviews Sara Hornbacher's HI-TECH a selection of 18 video artists. With the permission from the artists, Honbacher took liberities with the length and provided snippets of the best, most interesting images. Blaine makes short comments on various 'snippets' shown during the 3 hour program.

ITEM 1982.079 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

ArtifactsWoody Vasulka

Binary DeathAlex Roshuk

Chained ReactionsChristine Tamblyn

Chained ReactionsBarbara Latham

Video GramsTony Conrad

Shot OutDavid Held

InterrogationJulie Harrison

I ForgotJulie Harrison

Transformative PaintingAbrams Mync

Transformative PaintingBogdan Mync

Slient NightNeil Zusman

Mirror of Man's Wearing AwayNeil Zusman

MnemonicBart Robbert