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New Imagery: At the Museum of Modern Art, New York

by Lori Zippay

Video Guide, 1982, v. 4, no. 20, p. 7

Review of the Exhibition, New Imagery, which reflect the contemporary artworld's concern for reexamining representational and narrative conventions.

Lori Zippay notes that "many artists have employed a literary approach to video-storytelling, where characters' thoughts and ideas are juxtaposed with 'real' events and the narrative is furthered less through visual information than through spoken word or mannered dialogue." It is within this literary construct that several artists have reworked television narrative, experimenting with structure and content. Zippay comments on many of the videos showing in the exhibit.

ITEM 1982.080 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

How to FlyEd Bowes

Windfalls or New Thoughts on ThinkingMatthew Geller

American MaleJohn Arvanites

Impotent MetaphorBruce Yonmoto

Impotent MetaphorNorman Yonomoto

Crime Time Comix Presents Steel and FleshEric Metcalfe

Prime CutsPaul Wong

The Magentic Tapes: Dictatorship, Voyeurism, RetaliationJill Scott

Grand MalTony Oursler

Connecticut Papoose: A Morphology for the Middle ManErnest Gusella

Up Down StrangeSusan Britton

The Sound of SandJeff Turtletaub