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by Marie-Helene Leblanc and Steve Loft

objet indirect object, 2010, pp. 1-19

Gatineau: Centre de production DAIMON, 2010

Objet Indirect Object was initiated by Marie Helen Leblanc and Steve Loft at the Centre de production DAIMON in the Outaouais region of Quebec." The project consisted of a year of activities including production residencies completed by Adad Hannah, Manon de Pauw, Colllin Zipp, and Catherine Bechard and Sabin Houdon; "professional development workshops addressing issues raised by the questions of materiality offered to the artistic community of the Outaouais region in sound art by Bechard and Houdon and Alexis Bellavance; and the showing of original work by artists Michael Caffrey, Bear Witness, Jason Lewis, Hannah, De Pauw, Bechard and Houdon, and Bellavance at DAIMON, at AXENE07 in Gatineau, and at Artengine, and SAW Video in Ottawa (02-03). Steve Loft states in regards to the project, "These artists delve into the interstices of materiality. They present manipulation, transformation, responsiveness and a myriad of other visual, aural and conceptual processes to reformulate our idea of 'objects'" (04-05). Lewis, Pechawis, and Bear Witness each address aboriginal issues, history, and culture in their work.

"This printed journal, a record of the thoughts of the project's participants, makes it possible to consider and realize the extent of the connection between analogue and digital creation by means of the object used indirectly for media purposes." The exhibition guide consists of an explanation of the project by Leblanc, an introductory discussion of the themes of Objet Indirect Object by Steve Loft, and artists statements by De Pauw, Pechawis, Bear Witness, Lewis, Caffrey, Zipp, Hannah, Bechard and Houdon, and Bellavance.

ITEM 2010.053 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The Same Place at a Slightly Different TimeAdad Hannah

Penser avec Les MainsManon de Pauw

Collin Zipp

La chute des potentialsCatherine Bechard and Sabin Houdon

Alexis Bellavance

Words Found on an Empty BeachJason Lewis

hack TradMichael Caffrey

HorseArcher Pechawis

the only good NDNBear Witness