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Both teams cannot win: Natasha Bissonauth interviews Divya Mehra

by Natasha Bissonauth

C Magazine, Winter 2010, no. 108, pp. 22-25

Divya Mehra's video practice uses the methodology of humour to expose the misconceptions of difference, as reflected by her works The Yogi and The Taxi Driver, which use humourous displays of self mockery to arouse questions of culturall differences. Her artwork is intended to reveal the superficiality surrounding the stereotypes surrounding race, power and priviledge.

ITEM 2010.055 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

It really hurts to ask but not reallyDivya Mehra

The Taxi DriverDivya Mehra

Silver Bullet (Drawing a Line in the Sand)Divya Mehra

The ListDivya Mehra

The YogiDivya Mehra

TURFWARDivya Mehra