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Collaborating on Conceptual Art: An Aesthetics of the Impossible

by Leah Modigliani

C Magazine, Summer 2011, no. 110, pp. 4-8

Leah Modigliani offers a layered and multi faceted discussion of Conceptual art criticism, historicism and dialogue in Canada, through her discussion of the University of Toronto's conference Traffic, Conceptualism in Canada. She highlights the presence of the "centre vs. periphery debate," the conference dynamic of having younger art historians speaking while conceptual artists were in the audience, who offered corrections and alternative viewpoints. Modigliani discuss the work, writing, and lectures of Paul Woodrow and cites the importance of the Whistle Cove Commune and their artistic projects.

ITEM 2011.015 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Whistle Cove Commune

Paul Woodrow

negative objectsMichael Heizer

Dennis Oppenheim

twenty-five-pound pink satin airplane, a hundred feet long b a hundred feet wideJames Lee Byars

Ian Wilson

Secret PaintingMel Ramsden

Randy Gullison

Donna Gullison

Brenda Haddon

George Firlotte

Laird Hamilton