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Time for Five More Feminist Minutes

by Zoe Druick

POV, Spring 2011, no. 81, pp. 45-46

The SexMoneyMedia Symposium facilitated a frank discussion about the role of women in media organizations, and the current lack of there presence in such organizations. Other issues covered by the symposium were the growing representation of violence against women across media genres, in video games and pornography, and the growing emphasis on beauty and youth as the most valuable female attributes. Alexandra Juhasz provided a critique of YouTube not as an egalitarian forum for dispersing media, but as a distributor of mashups of corporate culture, while Zoe Druick herself outlines many of the issues plaguing women's rights today. The article commends the Symposiums organizer, Rina Fraticelli, for her efforts, and the conference's success.

ITEM 2011.020 – available for viewing in the Research Centre