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Tracking Video Art: "Image Processing" as a Genre

by Lucinda Furlong

Art Journal, Sept. 1985, v. 45, no. 3, pp. 233-237

Lucinda Furlon discusses the history of the "video art movement," from the first issue of Radical Software and the advent of low-cost portable video equipment, to the necessity of challenging the institution of television in the late 1960's "by creating images that looked different from standard t.v.."Furlong states that there was an almost modernist attitude towards exploring the medium of video, the goes on to mention the lack of discussion in the discourse regarding first generation tool designers and builders of video related technology, but mentions one exception at length, Dan Sandin. She goes on to describe the success of the Experimental Television Center, and finally the work of Woody and Stein Vasulka, and the groundbreaking development of a digital video system by Jeffrey Schier.

ITEM 1985.117 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Beryl Korot

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image processorDan Sandin

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