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"Video is Being Invented"

by Bruce Kurtz

Arts Magazine, Dec. 1973, v. 47, no. 3, pp. 37-44

Artist Nam June Paik is considered to be the founding father of video art, his experimentation with black and white television led to an aesthetic movement that influenced the production of videoart in the subsequent decades to come. Artists such as Keith Sonnier, Joon Jonas, Linda Benglis and Nancy Holts, among several others, produced videos, which investigated the unique features of video art. Exploring colour, sound, tactile sensations, movement and the relationship between the audience and art object became critical themes of investigation.

ITEM 1973.039 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Video SynthesizerNam June Paik

Video BedRalph Hacking and Ken Dominick

TV BraNam June Paik

TV In-TV OutKeith Sonnier

Mat Key Radio TrackKeith Sonnier

Mirror CheckJoon Jonas

Vertical RollJoon Jonas

Left Side, Right SideJoon Jonas

Home TapeLinda Bengalis

NoiseLinda Bengalis

Views Through a Sand DuneNancy Holt

Locating #2Nancy Holt

Born Without A MouthWilliam Wegman

Rage and DepressionWilliam Wegman

Stomach StoneWilliam Wegman

Milk on FloorWilliam Wegman

Three BreaffastsMichael Snow

Live Taped Video CorridorBruce Nauman

InterfacePeter Campus

Lesbian MothersDavid Sasser

Ruff Cut, an homage to R. Mutt, a work in progress, so to speakFrank Giliette

Chicken DinnerVideofreex