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The Pink Indian

by Gerald Hannon

Toronto Life, Sept. 2011, v. 45, no. 9, pp. 54-62

Gerard Hannon's article gives a reverent overview of the massively successful body of work created by the Manitoba born Cree artist Kent Monkman. His work include video, performance, film, installation, art objects, and paintings; his most well known works are his paintings which have successfully entered the auction market. The article focuses on Monkman's commercial success; his drag queen alter ego based on Cher, Miss Chief Eagle Testickle who appears in many of Monkman's paintings and occasionally at events when Monkman himself dawns her bright pink platforms; and his biography, political motivations, and the development of his painting style.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Artist and ModelKent Monkman

Gisele Gordon

Damon D'Oliviera

Maurice Vellekoop

Portrait of the Artist as HunterKent Monkman

The Triumph of MischiefKent Monkman

Boudoir de BerdasheKent Monkman

The Art GameKent Monkman

East vs. WestKent Monkman

My Treaty is With the CrownKent Monkman

Group of Seven InchesKent Monkman

Ceci n'est pas une pipeKent Monkman

The Collapsing of Time and Space in an Ever Expanding UniverseKent Monkman