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The Work of AA Bronson: A Queer Politic Expressed Through Art

by Jonathan Valelly

Xtra!, July 28, 2011, no. 698, pp. 14-15

The article consists of two parts, the first an interview with AA Bronson, and the second a description of the Art Gallery of Ontario's General Idea Retrospective, which describes the themes of the show as "'the artists, glamour and the creative process'; 'mass culture'; 'architects, archaeologists'; 'sex and reality'; and 'AIDS'"(Valelly quoting Frederic Bonnet, 15). The description of the show outlines Bonnet's goals and intentions in regards to the show and lists several of the works to be included. The interview with AA Bronson gives a brief history of the General Idea's formation and work, and serves as a reflection on the queer content of that work. Bronson discusses his beliefs on General Idea's lasting impact, and the need for contemporary artwork which addresses AIDS.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Infected Mondrian no.6General Idea

Jorge Zontal

Felix Partz

AA Bronson

AIDS (wall)General Idea

Mondo Cane Kama SutraGeneral Idea

P is for PoodleGeneral Idea

VB Gown #5General Idea

Bruce LaBruce