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Daniel Cockburn: You Are Here

by David Balzer

Canadian Art, Aug. 18, 2011, pp. 1-5

David Balzer's discussion of Daniel Cockburn's debut feature length film You Are Here begins with a brief description of the film and its themes, followed by an interview with Daniel Cockburn regarding the film, his inspiration, and his plans for the future. Cockburn speaks succinctly and thoughtfully about his intentions regarding characters and situations in the film, and about his experience of developing it. The online article also has several videos embedded including an advertisement for You Are Here from the Toronto International Film Festival, a clip of Tracy Wright from the film, a clip of the discussion regarding a model for John Searle's Chinese Room also from You Are Here, and a clip of the character "Verna," and her phone conversation with "Simon," also from the film.

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You Are HereDaniel Cockburn

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