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Signals In Syracuse

by Ann Curran

Afterimage, Jan. 1999, v. 26, no. 4

This article is a report on a conference, Video History: Making Connections, which reexamined the history of early video and addressed (then) present activity in the field and the future in further. The conference opened with a seminar as an introduction to the history of early independent video in the U.S. While screening tapes considered historical, including Calligrams and Proto Media Prirner, some questions arise on how the history of video can be expanded to include work that has been neglected. Furthermore, some issues about video preservation, the integration of new technologies and the impact of the Web on video are discussed at the conference. According to Curran, this conference emphasized the importance of individuals in the history of video.

"The power of artists or activists working together as a group with a shared goal was another facet of early video that perhaps provoked feelings of nostalgia for those present."

ITEM 1999.095 – available for viewing in the Research Centre