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Joan Jonas: The Mirror Staged

by Howard Junker

Art in America, Feb. 1981, v. 69, no. 2, pp. 87-95

This article takes the readers on an exploration of Joan Jonas' art world which began in the early 70's - a time of confusion, when old categories and visions no longer made sense. With eclectic amalgams of text, dance, song, video and visual imagery, Joan Jonas' performances reflect the reintroduction of the self into '70s art. In her early works, Jonas began to investigate spatial illusion and fragmentation through the use of mirrors. At first they were directed toward the audience, which saw itself reflected in the perfomance space. Later, video would be used as another distorting mirror interposed between viewers and performance. One of Jonas performances, Organic Honey's Vertical Roll, is considered significant as it marks when video was first incorporated into her works.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Double Lunar DogsJoan Jonas

Organic Honey's Vertical RollJoan Jonas

FunnelJoan Jonas

MirageJoan Jonas

Juniper TreeJoan Jonas

Upside Down and BackwardsJoan Jonas

Double Lunar DogsJoan Jonas