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Cheryl Sourkes: Surveilling the Field

by Jessica Wyman

Ciel Variable: Art, Photo, Media, Culture, 2005, no. 69, pp. 27-29

Jessica Wyman surveys the work of Canadian artist Cheryl Sourkes. Sourkes is a flaneur of the Internet. She sources her material from various webcams across the globe. Sourkes' images feature public, iconic locations such as the Eiffel tower and private locations such as bedrooms and offices. The subjects she captures seem unaware of or de-sensitized to the webcam's presence. Her work explores the voyeurism, surveillance, and exhibitionism that the webcam makes possible in our digital society. Wyman argues that we are drawn to the banality represented in Sourkes' images because it pertains to all of us in our non-celebrity imperfection.

ITEM 2005.194 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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InteriorCheryl Sourkes

InterferenceCheryl Sourkes

Convenience CamsCheryl Sourkes

Chapel CamCheryl Sourkes

Jennicam.orgJennifer Ringley