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Artistic Environments of Telepresence on the World Wide Web

by Luisa Paraguai Donati and Gilbertto Prado

Leonardo, 2001, v. 34, no. 5, pp. 437-442

The World Wide Web has generated new possibilities for the relationship between participants and the flow of information, allowing for participation in real-time events and experiences. Webcams introduce a new type of specificity into the creation of images and leads to the phenomenon of telepresence, whereby a viewer/user can modify a remote environment. Webcam users are able to exert control in a remote physical location through non-physical telepresence. This new type of experience manifests itself in three ways for participants: direct observation of remote physical spaces, synchronous exchange of information and remote action in distinct physical spaces. The article summarizes various ways telepresence is explored by artists such as Gilbertto Prado, June Houston, Steve Mann, and Eduardo Kac.

ITEM 2001.122 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Deois do Tourismo vem o Colunismo (After Tourism comes Colunismo)Gilbertto Prado

The Ghost WatcherJune Houston

WearCamSteve Mann

Maybe CameraSteve Mann

Probably CameraSteve Mann

No CameraSteve Mann

Shooting BackSteve Mann

Rara AvisEduardo Kac

Alice Sat HereNina Sobell and Emily Hartzell