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Occupied Space, Here and There: Jayce Salloum, history of the present (1985-2009)

by Bart Gazzola

Fuse, Spring 2012, v. 35, no. 2, pp. 36-37

This article reviews history of the present (1985-2009), a retrospective of the work of Jayce Salloum. The exhibition spanned two galleries, the first filled with archival texts and images for viewers to look through, and the second filled work Salloum's video work. Salloum's work addresses Canada's colonial history in a way that deliberately goes against dominant narratives, and refuses to stay silent about how this colonization continues to play out in the present, particularly in relation to Canada's Aboriginal population.

ITEM 2012.007 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Map of the WorldJayce Salloum

table of contentsJayce Salloum

(Kan ya ma Kan) There Was and There Was NotJayce Salloum

untitled part 4: terra icognitaJayce Salloum

untitled part 5: all is not lost but some things may have been misplaced along the way (or) endings and beginnings and some points in-betweenJayce Salloum

untitled part 1: everything and nothingJayce Salloum