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A New Native Art

by Marsha Lederman and Rafal Gerzak

The Globe and Mail, Feb. 29, 2012, pp. 1, 3

This article summarizes Beat Nation: Art, Hip-Hop and Aboriginal Culture, an exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery which showcased work of 27 aboriginal artists from across North America. The article also provides profiles of several of the showing artists, including Corey Bulpitt, Larissa Healey, Sonny Assu, Skeena Reece, Rolande Souliere, and Dylan Miner. The diverse artwork included in the show spans many mediums, and draws from aboriginal tradition but is also influenced by contemporary culture.

ITEM 2012.008 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

WascoCorey Bulpitt

WascoLarissa Healey

Billy and the Chiefs: The Complete Banned CollectionSonny Assu

Raven: On the Colonial FleetSkeena Reece

Frequent StoppingRolande Souliere

Anishnaabensag Biimskowebshkigewag (Native Kids Ride Bikes)Dylan Miner