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Auto/Pathographies: Re-constructing Identity through Representations of Illness

by Jolene Pozniak

No More Potlucks, Jan. 2010, no. 7

This article reviews the many photographic, video and performance artworks included in the exhibition Auto/pathographies, which investigates the topic of illness and self-representation. All the artworks are auto-biographical in nature, and show the artists' own struggles with living with and conceptualizing their illnesses. Some of these works also investigate the gender politics of some illnesses, such as breast cancer, the politics of the medical industry, and question the idea of healthy and normal bodies.

ITEM 2010.088 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The Final ProjectJo Spence

The Final ProjectTerry Dennett

Cancer SistersJo Spence

EmpathographiesChristina Lammer

Imag(in)ed MaladyTina Takemoto

Imag(in)ed MaladyAngela Ellesworth

Arm's LengthTina Takemoto

Arm's LengthAngela Ellesworth

Caffeine and CaroteneTina Takemoto

Caffeine and CaroteneAngela Ellesworth

Mille Excuses (So Sorry/ Es tut mir Leid)Carl Bouchard

Headstrong All the Way RoundChantal DuPont