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Interview with Manon de Boer

by Barbara Dierickx and Rony Vissers

PACKED, 2010

Dierickx and Vissers of PACKED spoke with Manon de Boer about her documentation, conservation of work and the responsibility of the artist or the institutions who store and distribute them. De Boer has been using film, video and sound to create a body of work in which time, history and subjectivity are the central themes.

ITEM 2010.90 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Two Times 4'33", 2008Manon de Boer

Attica, 2008Manon de Boer

Laurien. October 2007Manon de Boer

Presto, Perfect Sound, 2006Manon de Boer

Robert, September 2006Manon de Boer

Resonating Surface. 2005Manon de Boer

Sylvia Crystal-Paris, 2003Manon de Boer