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Marina Abramovic's Performance: Stresses on the Body and Psyche in Installation Art

by Maureen Turim

Camera Obscura, 2003, v. 18, no. 3, pp. 98-117

Maureen Turin assesses the works of Marina Abramovic, basing them in psychoanalytic feminism. She asserts that Abramovic exude rituals of masochism and exhibitionism as exploring the limits of the female body. Abramovic's works are situated alongside artists such as Chantel Akerman and Antonin Artaud in their societal connotations. Abramovic's images of "Luminosity", "Insomnia", and "Dissolution" are discussed in terms of their reflections of Christianity and also the way they depict subconscious pleasures.

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Je tu il elleChantel Akerman