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Experimental Documentary Questionnaire/Responses

by Lucas Hilderbrand and Lynne Sachs

Millennium Film Journal, Spring 2009, no. 51, pp. 11-48

This questionnaire answered by documentary and experimental film/video artists asks questions based around the validity of experimental documentary as a genre, the politics informed, and their relation to avant-garde cinema. Artists respond, each in their own format, with focuses on how they created their own works.

ITEM 2009.096 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Daughter RiteMichelle Citron

Mixed GreensMichelle Citron

What You Take For GrantedMichelle Citron

Reality and Motive in Documentary PhotographyDonigan Cumming

A Prayer for NettieDonigan Cumming

My Dinner With WeegeeDonigan Cumming

The Waiting TimeSasha Waters Freyer

Her Heart is Washed in Water and then WeighedSasha Waters Freyer

This American GothicSasha Waters Freyer

Far From PolandJill Godmilow

What Farocki TaughtJill Godmilow

DaguerrotypesAgnes Varda

The Ties That BindSu Friedrich

First Comes LoveSu Friedrich

From the Ground UpSu Friedrich

Jehad in MotionRichard Fung

SchizyBarbara Hammer

Available SpaceBarbara Hammer

Bamboo XeroxBarbara Hammer

SanctusBarbara Hammer

15 Experiments on Peripheral VisionAdele Horne

The Image WorldAdele Horne

PlayasAdele Horne

Alexandra Juhasz

ParadoxLeandro Katz

Las HurdesLuis Bunuel

Shoplifting: It's a Crime?Sherry Millner

Ernie Larsen

MagnavozJesse Lerner

RuinsJesse Lerner

The American EgyptJesse Lerner

Jean Genet in ChicagoFrederic Moffet

War PhotographerChristian Freil

Which Way Is East: Notebooks from VietnamLynne Sachs

Investigation of a FlameLynne Sachs

L'Amour FouM.M. Serra

Chop OffM.M. Serra

Deborah Stratman

Hidden in Plain SightMark Street

Tran T. Kim-Trang