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The Community Is Watching, and Replying: Art in Public Places and Spaces

by Anne Bray

Leonardo, Feb. 2002, v. 35, no. 1, pp. 15-21

The author describes her public-art projects and installations, in which she has employed various combinations of video, photography, audio, sculpture and performance, often in collaboration with artist Molly Cleator. The pieces spectacularize unresolved conflicts between the artists regarding what is personally truthful as compared to what society dictates, especially concerning the "three deviants": women, art and nature. The artists question who defines these related realities and how. The author has also offered hundreds of artists a forum called L.A Freewaves, a media arts organization and festival working in traditional and nontraditional venues throughout Los Angeles, in an effort to disseminate community-empowering public art widely.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Dark MadonnaSuzanna Lacy

It's DizzyingAnne Bray

Media EyesAnne Bray

Media EyesAntonio Muntadas

Single-handedlyAnne Bray

White OutAnne Bray

Arm MeAnne Bray

Easy Chair, Electric Chair (1992)Anne Bray

Easy Chair, Electric Chair (1992)Molly Cleator

The Gap (1993)Anne Bray

The Gap (1993)Molly Cleator

What Can I Say (1994)Anne Bray

What Can I Say (1994)Molly Cleator

God Doesn't Have a Mouth (1996)Anne Bray

God Doesn't Have a Mouth (1996)Molly Cleator