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Martha Wilson: Not Taking It at Face Value

by Jayne Wark

Camera Obscura, 2000, v. 15, no. 3, pp. 1-33

This paper focuses on the period Martha Wilson spent in Halifax, from 1970 to 1974. Wilson's area of interest deals with feminist art, gender identity and performativity and gender roles in society.

Martha Wilson's works consist of performance, video and photo-text works.

ITEM 2000.145 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Deflecting the Blind Spot (1996)Martha Wilson

Deflecting the Blind Spot (1996)Suzy Lake

Corpus Loquendi/Body for Speaking (1994)Martha Wilson

Sexual Politics: Judy Chicago (1996)Martha Wilson

Breast Forms Permutated (1972)Martha Wilson

Posturing: Drag (1972)Martha Wilson

Painted Lady (1972)Martha Wilson

Appearance as Value (1972)Martha Wilson

Art Sucks (1972)Martha Wilson

Captivating a Man (1972)Martha Wilson

Composure: Misery (1972)Martha Wilson

Alchemy (1973)Martha Wilson

Redhead (1973)Martha Wilson

Stigma (1973)Martha Wilson

Selfportrait (1973)Martha Wilson

Posturing: Age TransformationMartha Wilson

Images of My Perfection / Images of My DeformityMartha Wilson

Psychology of Camera Presence (1974)Martha Wilson