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An Art of Temporality

by Christopher Eamon

Film and Video Art, 2009, pp. 66-85

Christopher Eamon, a New York-based independent curator and writer, explores the ways in which different art forms (painting, performance, music), along with the previous artistic movements of the early 20th century (Fluxus, Surrealism, Minimalist Art, Structuralism), influenced the development of video art. He argues that the unique temporal character of these works has made a crucial aesthetic contribution to the development of video art; hence, designated the art of video as art of temporality.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Autumn RhythmHans Namuth

The Legacy of Jackson PollockAllan Kaprow

Simone Forti

"Hand Movie" (1966), "Line" (1969),Yvonne Rainer

Kiss the Girls: Make Them Cry (1999), Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman (1978)Dara Birnbaum

Black Room Cycle, Television De-CollageWolf Vostell

Opera Sextronique, Exposition of Music - Electronic TelevisionNam June Paik

Judson Dance TheatreAnna Halprin

Meredith Monk

At LandMaya Deren

Vertical RollJonas Mekas

WavelengthMichael Snow

Touch Cinema, Hearing Sound/Seeing Sound, Adjunct DislocationsVALIE EXPORT

Flaming Creatures, Normal LoveJack Smith

Merce Cunningham

Uncovering a Sculpture, Span, Walk with Contrapposto (1968)Bruce Nauman

William Allan

Centers (1971), Face Off (1972), Double Vision(1971),, Interface (1972), Vertical Roll (1972)Vito Acconci

He Weeps for You (1974)Bill Viola

Sunrise to Sunset, Roll, Helix Spiral, Opposing Mirrors and Video Monitors with Time DelayDan Graham

Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman, Kiss the GirlsDara Birnbaum

Hole in the Wall, Electronic Music: Improvisations, SoundingsGary Hill

"4'33"', "Theatre Piece No. 1"John Cage

Prune Flat, Shower, Bathroom SinkRobert Whitman

Dick Higgins

Mary Caroline Richards

Robert Rauschenberg

David Tudor

Sleep, Hair Cut, Blow Job, Empire, Outer and Inner Space, Portrait of Ethel's Skull Thirty-Six TimesAndy Warhol

George Brecht

George Maciunas

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Hurlements en Faveur de Sade (Howls in Favor of Sade)Guy Debord

Jackson Pollock

Joan Jonas

Hand Catching LeadRichard Serra

Composition for 2 Musicians, Siberian Symphony, Ist movementJoseph Beuys