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Cinematographic Rigour: A Case of Four Indian Filmmakers

by Amrit Gangar

Cinema of Prayoga (conference website), 2012

In this essay, Amrit Gangar talks about the cinematographic works of four Indian filmmakers and video artists: Amit Dutta, Vipin Vijay, Ashish Avikunthak and Kabir Mohanty. The unique approach to experimentation employed by these artists is characterized by the use of long durations, filmic and technological contingencies. Such bold methods of experimentation, according to Gangar, bring a new "thinking and feeling environment into Indian cinematography", thus undermining the cultural monopoly of Bollywood cinema.

ITEM 2012.031 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Jangarh Film E, Masan, Chakravak, Ksha Tra Gy, Kramasha (To be continued...)Amit Dutta

Broken Glas, Unmathbudham Jagat (Egotistic World), Video GameVipin Vijay

Shadows Formles, Et cetera, Kalighat Athikatha (Kalighat Fetish), Brihannala Ki Khelkali (Dancing Othello), Antraal (End Note), Nirakar Chhaya (Shadows Formless)Ashish Avikunthak

Home, And Now I Feel I Don’t Know Anything, Song For an Ancient LandKabir Mohanty

Mani Kaul


Nam June Paik

Bill Viola

Kumar Shahani

Kamal Swaroop