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Congo Memories: Isabelle Pauwels's Adventures in History

by Sara Mameni

Canadian Art, Fall 2010, v. 27, no. 3, pp. 131-133

Mameni provides a thoughtful piece on the artistic efforts of Isabelle Pauwels, particularly in relation to her recent work W.E.S.T.E.R.N. This video is a piece that incorporates Pauwels's past and current relationship to her Congolese family heritage. She moves between past and present to show how colonialist practices continue to get played out in a fluid manner and relates the work to other populations that have experienced colonialism, as well, i.e. Aboriginal populations. Through the use of found footage and archived materials, Pauwels portrays the collective history she and her family have had in both Canada and in the Congo.

(Key Words: video, colonialism, archive, narrative, Aboriginal)

ITEM 2010.112 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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W.E.S.T.E.R.N.Isabelle Pauwels