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Jubal Brown

by Nadja Sayej

ArtUS, 2009, no. 26, pp. 88-89

A review of Total War, a found-footage film by Jubal Brown at Vtape in Toronto, Canada. The piece combines flashy action films, canned-laughter television shows, and teenagers in their suburban bedrooms lip-synching to their Web cams. Composed of clips from YouTube, this work is not really concerned with show-and-awe, gut-wrenching war, but rather the everyday muck of the mundane. Some showy parts do pop like firecrackers, but the film mostly has a stream-of-consciousness style that evokes James Joyce.

ITEM 2009.133 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Total War (2008)Jubal Brown

Party Tape series (2007)Jubal Brown