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Frozen but Always in Motion:: Arctic Film, Video, and Broadcast

by Jerry White

The Velvet Light Trap, Spring 2005, no. 55, pp. 52-64

Jerry White discusses the ways in which Inuit artists use low-cost technologies to document disappearing traditions. Various formal aesthetics create a kind of narrative inefficiency, which produces a sense of lyricism that in and of itself, is evocative of the rhythms of everyday life. The medium manipulates time and space, and is characterized by a tension between linear and open-ended impulses, renegotiating the visual meaning of near-obsolete Indigenous cultural practices and their relationship to the Arctic landscape.

ITEM 2005.210 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Natsik HuntinhMosha Michael

The Hunters/AsivaqtiinMosha Michael

Whale Hunting/QilaluganiatutMosha Michael

QaggiqZacharis Kunuk

SaputiZacharis Kunuk

NunavutIgloolik Isuma

Ataguttaaluk StarvationArnait Video

QuilliqArnait Video

Piujuk and AngutautuqArnait Video