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The Singular of Seeing (Al Marra min Nazar)

by Akram Zaatari

HomeWorks: A Forum on Cultural Practices in the Region (Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria), 2003, pp. 102-109

Beirut: Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, 2003

In this article, Akram Zataari describes the motivation and inspiration behind several of his important video works and explores his inspirations while meditating and ruminating on issues of narrative, evidence, and the inter-connectedness of various media.

ITEM 2003.153 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Red Chewing GumAkram Zaatari

BaalbeckAkram Zaatari

How I Love YouAkram Zaatari

All is Well on the BorderAkram Zaatari

Image + SoundAkram Zaatari