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"VT is Not TV":: The Raindance Reunion in the Digital Age

by Elizabeth Coffman

Journal of Film and Video, 2012, v. 64, no. 1-2, pp. 65-71

Coffman discusses the 2010 reunion of the 1970s video collective, the Raindance Corporation, timely in the age of YouTube and Twitter in that the members had once anticipated the role of an information-based society and the need to critique it. Coffman looks at the history of the group, their philosophy and interest in video's "cybernetic", self-steering, qualities, emphasizing the group's sentiment that now is the time for the public to engage in critical interventions with the new digital age.

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Raindance Corporation

Ira Schneider

Frank Gillette

Paul Ryan

Michael Shamberg

Beryl Korot