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Conductor, Choreographer, King of Arms: Questions for Rashaad Newsome on his Artistic Process

by Carolyn Trench

Transition, 2012, no. 109, pp. 84-96

Carolyn Trench interviews artist Rashaad Newsome, discussing his video-performance depiction of voguing, a dance style which entered the mainstream consciousness in the early 1990s, but has its roots in Harlem's black and Latino gay scene in the 1970s and has continued to evolve in the decades since. Newsome films the dancers freestyling, re-choreographs the routine by editing the footage, then has the dancer learn the new routine, which is filmed in one singular take. Newsome's work encompasses themes of performative identity and language, which, like voguing, can be learned and reconfigured endlessly.

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