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A Refusal of Images

by Kirsty Robertson

C Magazine, Summer 2012, pp. 58-59

"A Refusal of Images," 2012 exhibition at A Space Gallery in Toronto, tackles issues surrounding the wealth of war images we have flowing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Syria. The exhibition explores how this saturation of our media with images has not led to in increased ability to make sense of war by pulling together a small number of works that block or obscure expectations of conflict imagery. The works in the exhibition all refuse imagery to a degree and fall back on accompanying text to make themselves legible, thus relying heavily on language.

ITEM 2012.069 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The Day that Nobody DiedAdam Broomberg

The Day that Nobody DiedOlivia Chanarin

A Night at HomeRehab Nazzal

Bil'ilRehab Nazzal