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Affect in Deleuze, Hijikata, and Coates:: The Politics of Becoming - Animal in Performance

by Laura Cull

Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism, Spring 2012, pp. 189-203

Laura Cull compares the theory of the affective process Deleuze calls "becoming-animal" to the approach to the animal taken by Butoh cofounder Hijikata Tatsumi and UK video artist Marcus Coates. Although operating in different context, Coates and Hijikata share an emphasis on "becoming before being" in that their work focuses on the fluidity of the body that resists a fixed, recognizable image, therefore inviting affective experiment. Cull examines the politics of such experiments, which add complexities to the ethics of affect, when working with non-human subjects.

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Marcus Coates

Hijikata Tatsumi