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Travelling Eye: The Elusive Digital Frame and the Elasticity of Time in Art

by Anne Robinson

Journal of Media Practice, 2010, v. 11, no. 3, pp. 215-229

In this article Anne Robinson considers her video installations "Hold" (2006), "An Occulting Light" (2007), and "Lighter Darker" (2008), in which she develops a language of re-filmed frames and expanded moving image spaces. These works are constructed from fragments of what she calls "remembered films." Using re-filming techniques, alterations to frame rate and speed, and experimental editing, the author explores affect in the spaces between frames in digital video where the image exceeds the original frame boundaries, oscillating between visible traces inscribed in the newly constructed sequences. This practice-led research gains insights into affect in relation to our perceptions as artists and spectators of movement, and of the traces of time passing in paintings and film works, through the languages of the moving image.

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HoldAnne Robinson

An Occulting LightAnne Robinson

Lighter DarkerAnne Robinson