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Girls on the Remake

by Cynthia Chris

Afterimage, Mar. 2001, v. 28, no. 5, pp. 11-12

Appropriation is a practice that has presented both a problem and paradigm that artists and critics have engaged with throughout the 1990's. John C. Welchman defines the practice as: "the relocation, annexation or theft of cultural properties, whether objects, ideas, or notations." Video appropriation, Dada, Pop, and re-photography are examples of appropriative genres and movements through the 20th century. Artists have largely appropriated from mass media, but in the 1990's there is a new move to appropriate from the early histories of experimental film, performance art and video art itself, including through remakes of earlier works. The author describes in detail one piece that is a part of this movement: Julie Zando's "The Apparent Trap."

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