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True Confessions of a Video Art Pioneer: How the Influential Artist Discovered the Medium by Accident

by Pac Pobric

art basel Miami Beach Daily Edition, Dec. 6, 2013

An article that details the career beginnings of pioneering video artist, Dara Birnbaum. The author discusses how Birnbaum became one of the defining artists of her generation, after receiving much rejection and disinterest from the art scene in New York in the 1970s. Birnbaum claims that she found video art "by accident" while studying painting, in Florence, inspired by artists who were incorporating video into their works. Instead of filming her own videos, Birnbaum borrowed from poplar culture and her best-known piece, "Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman" (1978) is a product of found (or, more aptly. smuggled) footage sampled from the superhero themed television show.

The article also touches upon Birnbaum's more recent work: Her 2011 piece, Arabesque and her upcoming project based on Vincenzo Bellini's opera, "La Sonnambula."

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