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Mexican Nationalism, Mass Media and Gender/Sexuality:: Unmasking Lies in Ximena Cuevas' Video Art

by Laura G. Gutierrez

Latin American Literary Review, 2001, v. 29, no. 57, pp. 104-115

Author Laura G. Gutierrez discusses the work of Ximena Cuevas, who she refers to as "Mexico's most important producer of images for the video format". Cuevas challenges the established conventions of the sexual and gendered subject, which Guitierrez claims is the most important driving force behind the growing cohort of female video artists in Mexico. She writes that women have long been drawn to video, in that it was once a medium without history and therefore, a suitable format for those who have been marginalized in historical record. For this reason, in Mexico, video has also benefitted indigenous people, marginalized urban subjects and union organizers.

Gutierrez surveys a number of Cuevas' videos, paying close attention to the way her pieces disrupt myths that pervade Mexican society, as well as the spaces Cuevas establishes as a lesbian subject.

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