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Love Stories: Mark Boulos interviewed by Jonathan Harris

by Jonathan Harris

Art Monthly, Nov. 2013, no. 371, pp. 1-4

Jonathan Harris interviews video installation artist Mark Boulos on his recent work Echo (2013). In this work, the viewer becomes a part of the installation as their image and sounds register and are repeated back to them, with a one second delay. Boulos discusses his inspirations, the Marxist and psychoanalytical background of the work, and his earlier works All That is Solid Melts into Air (2008) and No Permanent Address (2010). The particularities of showing his work at FACT Liverpool are also discussed, a well as the wider implications of making left-wing art.

ITEM 2013.101 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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EchoMark Boulos

All That is Solid Melts into AirMark Boulos

No Permanent AddressMark Boulos